UHPFRC 2009 and 2013 international symposiums were organized in Marseille (France) under the auspices of fib, RILEM and AFGC, the French Association for Civil Engineering.

These events helped synthesizing the know-how and applications related to Ultra-High Performance Fibre- Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC). Four years later, projects and constructions using UHPFRC have definitively gained a growing importance in Europe as well as in Asia and North America.

“UHPFRC’2017” aims at updating and complementing experience gained in the knowledge and use of UHPFRC, based on recent practice of:design of building structures, components, civil works and bridges, industrial realizations (both on site and in precast factories), large-scale applications, development of standards and recommendations.

Most recent realizations will be presented during the symposium, either in civil engineering, buildings, or consisting of structural equipments, components and civil infrastructures, be it new construction or retrofitting. Dedicated investigations, technical lessons, scientific knowledge as well as experience of technical management and organization will be analyzed, in terms of structural design and modeling, safety justification, execution reliability, achieved performance and durability.

National and international research advances associated to real design and realization issues will be presented, without emphasizing on preliminary upstream academic investigations.

Special focus will be put on works carried out to develop recommendations and standards covering structural design, material specification and execution of UHPFRC structures and components.

The present call for papers is dedicated to all participants in the building act, owners, designers, supervisors, materials suppliers, and members of the concrete industry, engineering offices, architects, laboratories and research centers, academic partners, checkers, who have been engaged in UHPFRC realizations. The expected communications, which should clarify the reasons for having chosen UHPFRC (aesthetics, structural performance, durability or environmental characteristics), should emphasize the experience gained and draw lessons for further applications.